SFM - Production management

Management on productionShopfloor management (SFM)

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Why to use a structured toolents for ingoverning body on production (Shopfloor management – SFM)?

  • In production, we have no visibility into metrics, goals and current issues?
  • We do not have a structure of performance indicators according to hierarchical levels in the company?
  • We do not have a good communication structure in the company and problems, that can be solved on the shop floor reach top management?
  • It is difficult to make a connection between production problems and the achievement of goals?
  • Or we just want to understand how to create a structured approach to problem solving, tied to the day-to-day management and presentation of indicators at the ralical levels in the structure?

What represents the Daily ugoverning body on production (Shopfloor management – SFM)?

Daily production management (SFM) is an essential tool in the production system. It provides a visual presentation of current results at all levels of production management, as well as creating a structured problem-solving process at different levels. The results of the work become visible to everyone – from operators to senior management on a daily basis, and a problem escalation process is created when needed. It helps that small problems are solved at a lower level and do not reach management.

Through the training:

We will understand how to create a team structure for reviewing and analyzing current production results and reporting issues.

We will get acquainted with the methods of visualization of the results at the different levels of management.

We will play out in a production simulation the relationship between the problem-solving process and the improvement of production results,


Engineers and specialists in the field of quality and maintenance. Managers at all levels in manufacturing, support and engineering departments (managers, n-k shift, team leaders). Production technologists.

Learning aids used:

Presentation, including examples from the Bulgarian industry, themed games, development of case studies, discussions with participants.

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